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Feedback from: Jeffrey M
Title: Very Impressed
I wanted you to know that I was very impressed with your level of service. So much so I have said some nice stuff about you at at their forum.

I will continue to promote you among the many DIY hobbyists and forums I am affiliated with, as I am a big believer of free enterprise and excellent service. I once tried to get some parts from a competitor supplier of yours and had a terrible time doing it. I have implied on the post that others check you out for parts over this competitor. (Omitted) is the business and as far as I am concerned they suck. They do have some items you do not carry and I would encourage you to look at his catalog at (omitted).com and see if there are some things there that you do not carry that maybe you can get on your inventory. (omitted) is a pretty big name in the DIY community but I only recently heard of you. I hope you continue to do well and I will certainly help promote you wherever I can.

Thanks again for your excellent service and Jeff's advice and education.
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