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Feedback from: Michael B
Title: Magnavox console
Good morning everyone, Michael Byrd here with a much deserved complement for your consultant named Jeff I spoke with in great length yesterday. I’m a 55 year old amateur audio equipment restorer (hobby) who has a weakness for jukeboxes and console stereos from the 1960s. After spending some time on the phone with him, I simply can’t express how refreshing it was to connect with someone that knew what I was asking, before I could ask it, if Bank of America could be half as helpful! I’ve been on so many blogs and talked to so many sock puppets who can only see this beautiful six foot Magnavox as a giant IPod docking station! Enter Jeff who was not only familiar with my unit, but actually applauded my efforts. I’m very much looking forward to working with him in the completion of this project and future projects!
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