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Feedback from: Milton P of Ontario, California
Title: Unity Fountainhead Upgrade
For the past 20 years I have owned a pair of Unity Audio Fountainhead speakers that I like very much. I wanted to update the speaker crossovers but could not find the manufacturer or get support for the speaker. Just by chance I came across the Sonic Craft website on the internet. I made a call to Sonic Craft in Arkansas and spoke to someone about the problem I was having. He pointed me in the direction of his technician in Texas, Jeff Glowacki, who could take care of my issue.

Jeff told me to send over one of the crossovers to map it and what would be the best caps for the cost. I was apprehensive about sending the crossover to someone I don't know, but being a music lover I take a chance and send both to be updated because I wanted more detail and everything that you can get from a high quality loudspeaker. It took a couple of weeks before I heard back from Jeff, and I thought I might have made a mistake. One day coming back from home, my wife told me that I missed the phone call from Jeff, and he said that the update was going to be expensive.

When he got in touch with me, we went over Jeff sending me a picture of the caps and the crossover shape, and the cost of the overall finished product. The cost was not too expensive and the labour was very reasonable.

When I got the crossover back, I did not expect much of a difference. When I re-installed the crossover into the loudspeaker, I was just making sure that sound was coming from the drivers. For days I just let the tuner and cd player just play. After the fifth day, I decided to really sit down and listen. I played some familiar music, and after a few notes a big smile spread across my face. These speakers sound terrific! In musical recordings that I've listened to, the instruments seemed more lifelike and 3d dimensional than before. Listening to radio talk shows, I can her everything happening in the
studio, from papers rustling to microphones being turned off. When my wife heard the loudspeaker for the first time after the update, she said "You have to call that guy Jeff and tell him he did an excellent job on the crossover." The speakers aren't fully broken in yet, but they sound wonderful.

I would like to thank Jeff Glowacki and his technician team for doing such a great job with my speakers. These guys are excellent! I don't want to give out too much praise, but when someone or a group of people do a great job for you, you have to sing their praises. I am so happy with the job they did, I am going to send them other items that I need to have work done on.

If you need work done on your electronics, try Sonic Craft. You wont be disappointed.
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