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Feedback from: Brian Lucey of Los Angeles CA (USA)
Title: One of a kind ...
Jeff Glowacki at Sonic Craft, is a unique individual with both great taste, and advanced technical expertise. When combined this goes far beyond the level one would expect from a tweaker of audio components. Forget the sound of wires, I’m talking about resistors, diodes, and capacitors. Jeff has had a hand in upgrading every tube amplifier I've use for mastering music over the last 15 years. I work on over 150 records a year, many of them resulting in Grammy winners or gold and platinum international sellers. He has turned modest designs into high end machines, and high end designs into monsters. The best audio upgrade money I’ve spent, and a trusted ear. Jeff is a friend to many of the world's best designers. They may not always be able to use the cost no object parts he knows best, yet they often come away with new ideas for their consumer products. Every consumer product is built to a price point, and everything can be taken to greater levels. Jeff Glowacki has no equal in his field. True fact.
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