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Feedback from: Pierre Njipwo of Round Rock TX (USA)
Title: Outstanding service. Superior business ethics.
It has been a little over a year that I came across Soniccraft and it has left a life time impression on me.
I was surprised that in this world there is a business that put ethics and service above profits. That is what Soniccraft is.
I first spoke to Jeff when he cancelled my 500$ order and called me to advise me against making the purchase just for the simple fact that he felt what I was buying wasn't the correct choice for what I was trying to achieve. I was so in shock that such people still exist in the business world. In that split moment Soniccarft forever earned my trust.
Coming back to the crossover modification that Soniccaft did on my speakers. Jeff took an hour to explain to me what could be done to make my system sound more than great at reasonable price. During that hour, I felt like it was the most instructive 1 hour I ever had with anybody on any topic. Jeff's audio expert knowledge was evident.

In relation to my crossover modifications, the following can be noted:

- Outstanding workmanship. My new speakers went to Soniccraft and came back in the exact impeccable condition.
- My initially good sounding speakers now sound great although they are still not fully broken.
- The parts chosen by SC are of high quality.

In conclusion, I really think there is no better audiophile shop out there. I have interacted with most audiophiles shop out there and it is evident the SC sets the bar very high in terms of knowledge, services and most importantly business ethics.

Thanks You to Jeff and his team at SC.

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