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Feedback from: Myvan Quoc of Fremont CA (USA)
Title: Great work on the GTA SE-40
I got this GTA SE-40, it has been sitting in the closet for many years, it had some noise and barely put out any music. I want to restore it, but not very good with soldering and don't have a big budget to replace everything. Luckily, after contacted Jeff, he described how to take the board out and send to him. After a few weeks and Jeff kept the cost within my budget, I received the board back. Jeff also sent instruction on how to bias the tubes, which is very easy to follow.

After a week of listening to music, I now understand why many people love this amp, all I can say it's very "musical" (of course, mine with the replaced/upgrade parts from Sonic Craft). Clarity and 3D-soundstage are far better than many big name classic-style of tube amps. All I can say that I am really happy to bring this back, a gift from my Dad...

Thank you Jeff and your team.
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