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Feedback from: Dan C
Title: SE-40 Upgrade
Got the "new" SE-40 up and running. I went through the bias regiman you specified and all is well. I TRULY appreciate those nice multi turn bias trimmers. Much easier to fine tune.

Got the amp into the system and listened @ 1 hour. Dead quiet, black background, very coherent and focused soundstage (great depth too, even a stock amp has that). The amp throws a huge sound at you... nice tight bass, the highs are excellent with all I'd want, yet no fatigue. The amp sounds more powerful than before with greater reserves, punch, and dynamics. I do believe I'm liking it ;^ )

The majority of the amps I've owned before, mostly sub $1K used, had kind of a similar sound. Most of them seemed to have a lot of things going on, trying to bundle them all into one sound. This amp sings with one voice, yet has a LOT going on. Very involving, that's the highest compliment I know.

I could have sworn the sound changed a bit over that hour's playing. I'm excited to hear it break-in more. It sounds like I've got a whole new system!

Thanks again for the upgrade service to the board. I'll likely keep this amp around awhile.
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