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Auricap 10.0uF 400VDC Auricap 10.0uF 400VDC 430024 $43.15  $34.52 Add to Cart
PAIR - Auricap 2.0uF 600VDC PAIR - Auricap 2.0uF 600VDC 000237 $79.90  $63.92 Add to Cart
PAIR - Auricap 2.0uF 1500VDC PAIR - Auricap 2.0uF 1500VDC 000238 $115.90  $92.72 Add to Cart
PAIR - Auricap 4.0uF 1500VDC PAIR - Auricap 4.0uF 1500VDC 000239 $165.90  $132.72 Add to Cart
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