Solid Leads

High-performance Cardas Golden Ratio capacitors with solid leads

Cardas 0.1uF 600VDC Cardas 0.1uF 600VDC 438575 $13.56  $12.88 Add to Cart
Cardas 0.22uF 600VDC Cardas 0.22uF 600VDC 438625 $26.58  $25.25 Add to Cart
Cardas 0.47uF 600VDC Cardas 0.47uF 600VDC 438675 $32.28  $30.67 Add to Cart
Cardas 0.68uF 600VDC Cardas 0.68uF 600VDC 438725 $40.28  $38.27 Add to Cart
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