High-performance high temp capacitors from Jupiter Condenser, for audiophiles and DIY audio enthusiasts

Jupiter HT 0.001uF 600VDC Jupiter HT 0.001uF 600VDC 450325 $31.00  $23.25 Add to Cart
Jupiter HT 0.022uF 600VDC Jupiter HT 0.022uF 600VDC 450425 $33.00  $24.75 Add to Cart
Jupiter HT 0.047uF 600VDC Jupiter HT 0.047uF 600VDC 450475 $36.00  $27.00 Add to Cart
Jupiter HT 1uF 600VDC Jupiter HT 1uF 600VDC 450675 $60.00  $45.00 Add to Cart
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