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Sonic Craft has found the current Vishay/Mills resistor to be an acceptable replacement for the original Mills resistor. It is non-magnetic, non-inductive, and wire-wound. The all weld construction uses an Alumina ceramic core with a Copper-Nickel or Nickel Chrome element (depending on value), Copper alloy end-caps, and tinned Copper leads. Aryton-Perry winding greatly reduces inductive reactance and signal loss. All Vishay/Mills are gloss Brown, and marked made in Mexico.

All of our Vishay/Mills resistor values are 1% tolerance. The MRA-12 (12 watt power rating) will handle overloads 10X its power rating (120 watts) for 5 seconds with operating voltages up to 1000V.

10+Ω: ±30ppm/°C;
1-9.9Ω: ±50ppm/°C;
<1Ω: ±90ppm/°C

The body measures 1.188" ± 0.062" in length by 0.312" ± 0.031" in diameter.
The leads measure 1.500" in length minimum by 0.040" in diameter. Made in Mexico.

Priced and sold individually

Our precision matching applies to "pairs". You may request a larger matched group, but it may not be possible. NOTE: resistors and precision matching are priced and sold individually ("each"). Occasionally, we can not find a matched pair. If this is the case, Customer Service will contact you. We offer three levels of matched pairs: L1-factory tolerance 1/2% matching; L2-1/2 factory tolerance 1/2% matching; L3-1/4 factory tolerance 1/4% matching.

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Precision Matching:

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