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BLUE CACTUS – Paper/Mylar/Oil/Aluminum Foil

Arizona Capacitors uses the finest capacitor grade kraft paper, polyester, and impregnating fluids to ensure outstanding performance with long life.

A hermetic sealed tube (tin plated brass) utilizes soft solder and a glass to metal end seal.

The standard capacitance tolerance is ± 10%, additional tolerances are available.

Less than 1.0% when measured at 120 Hz using a GR 1658 or equivalent.

The product of insulation resistance in megohms and the capacitance in microfarads shall be 6000 megohm-microfarads minimum. However, I.R. need not exceed 18000 megohms.

Rated to 600VDC and 480VAC (60Hz)

-55 to 85°C at full rated voltage

The leads are solid 20 awg oxygen free copper, coated with 60/40 solder.

DIMENSIONS = 0.57" x 1.15"

Priced and sold individually

Our precision matching applies to "pairs". You may request a larger matched group, but it may not be possible. NOTE: capacitors and precision matching are priced and sold individually ("each"). Occasionally, we can not find a matched pair. If this is the case, Customer Service will contact you. We offer three levels of pair matching: L1-factory tolerance 1% matching; L2-1/2 factory tolerance 1% matching; L3-1/4 factory tolerance 1/2% matching.

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