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$97.00 $72.75
The Furutech FP-901 is the finest RCA socket we have ever offered. Both the inner contact and return are milled from a single piece of pure Copper. The FP-901G is offered with a direct 24k Gold plate . These connectors are subjected to several treatments including cryo.

Priced per pair.

  • Positive/Hot Center Pin: Milled from a single piece of pure copper α (Alpha) conductor with phosphor bronze locking ring
  • Negative/Cold Conductor: Milled from a single piece of pure copper α (Alpha) conductor
  • Non-magnetic Gold-plated materials
  • Eutectic brass housing (painted black) and Rhodium plated nut
  • Mounting Materials: Nylon (red or white /outer) and PETF Fluoropolymer (white/inner) insulation
  • Mounting Insulation accommodates chassis panels of any thickness
  • Connection Type: Soldered
  • Housing---16± 0.1mm diameter X19.5mm± 0.1mm (Black),
  • Mounting Insulation set--- Nylon(Red, White)17.3± 0.1mm diameter X 7.3mm± 0.1mm thick, 39.0mm± 0.1mm overall length.

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