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"Keith Louis Eichmann believes he has, with this new KLEI Harmony Phono/RCA plug blueprint, solved a series of problems that collectively degrade audio/video performance and that do so in an additive manner. The importance of this innovation and redesign cannot be overstated. Its ramifications extend to every Phono/RCA interface in which high quality signal transfer is an issue. Extensive listening and critical comparisons played a major role in the evolution of the design, confirming at every juncture the audibility of properly applied science in even the area of Phono/RCA connection.

  • An ultra high purity Silver plating is utilised to protect the pins from oxidization.
  • Signal/Ground pins utilise KLEI PureCopper™ with >101% IACS conductivity (not Tellurium Copper (92%~95% IACS) or Brass (28% IACS).
  • Signal/Ground pin optimization has been utilised to enhance electron flow, and designed in accordance with KL’s Copper Signal/Ground formula.
  • Reports received, indicate the KLEI Copper®Harmony when compared to the Eichmann Silver Bullet RCA plugs, has noticeably better PRAT, Decay, Timbre and Texture, Edge Control and Extension, Resolution, and Stage."

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