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The NEVD-2001 is so good, we do not carry any other digital cable. The NEVD-2001 is a triple shielded 75 Ohm construction. The solid center conductor is 22AWG pure (4/9s) solid Silver. The center conductor is insulated with microporous PTFE Teflon surrounded by foamed PE. A Copper/Mylar foil is one of three shields followed be two layers of woven Silver plated OFC. The densely braided shields are separated by a thick Teflon tape. The flexible Poly jacket (8mm without sleeve) is covered with a braided Poly sleeve (8.5mm total).

Our recommendation is to terminate the inter braid at both ends, and the outer braid at the source. Directional arrows can be found on the jacket under the braid.

Priced and sold per foot (~0.305 meter).
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