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$79.99 $50.00
The GE is a faithful reproduction of the original “clear top” 6L6. The flagship of the GT6L6 line, it looks and sounds exactly like the original G.E. tube used by Fender® in the ‘50s and ‘60s. It took more than four years to develop, and has stunning clarity and power. They have a Groove Tube "10" rating. These tubes were manufactured approximately ten+ years ago by Groove Tube at their newly acquired plant in Owensboro, Kentucky. This was the last American tube factory, originally operated by General Electric. GT claims that these tubes were manufactured on original General Electric machines with original tools, dies, materials, and processing formulas.

NOTE: due to the fact that these were manufactured for the original Groove Tube company, we are unable to offer any kind of warranty. All sales are final.

Priced and sold per pair.

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