Well, what can we say that has not already been said about the Golden Tube Audio SE-40. This amp was and is a world class performer. It is unmatched anywhere near its price range! The SE-40 was definitely the cherry in the GTA lineup. However, this unit notoriously suffers reliability issues. If you own a SE-40 which has performed flawlessly, you are a minority.

Enter Sonic Craft. We have re-engineered the SE-40 and SE-40-SE! The following kits were designed to address all the possible needs of your GTA SE-40 or SE-40-SE. WARNING, If you are not an avid soldering hobbyist or require more instruction than those contained in your kit, leave the upgrade to Sonic Craft or your local repair technician! Sonic Craft offers upgrade installation, maintenance, and repairs for your SE-40 or SE-40-SE. Labor is quoted on an individual basis.

NOTE - Before purchasing your kit, you must email us a detailed picture of the bottom side of your amp. This will allow us to email you the proper supplemental instructions for your particular amp. These kits are only applicable to the rev.2 & rev.3, however, those two designations cover 11 different circuit board situations (that we know of).

The SE40SCX is primarily focused on sonic improvement . This kit addresses everything covered by the SE40REL+, but is not as budget minded. Sonicap Platinums, Miflex KFPMs, Audio Grade Panasonics, larger PS caps, Mills, Fairchild Stealths, S102s, and a pair of Tung Sol 6SN7s help round out this kit. This 63 component kit includes the same installation accessories as the SE40REL+ along with an adjustment tool. This kit will only be offered for a limited time only due to the scarcity of some components (i.e. Platinums, etc...). When it is gone, it is gone.
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