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We all at Accuton are dedicated to extremely high quality music reproduction with some of us being active musicians and/or having long time experience in designing and evaluating classy equipment on a professional level. The design of speaker drivers and then consequently loudspeaker boxes is the major part of our business and over the years we have driven this to some sort of perfection that attracts many of the leading speaker designers of the High-End world.
Accuton C25N-6-13 (Matched Pair) Accuton C25N-6-13 (Matched Pair) 000316 $692.00  $346.00 View Item
Accuton C2 220/T11 (Matched Pair) Accuton C2 220/T11 (Matched Pair) 000318 $1,000.00  $500.00 View Item
Accuton C220N/T6 (Matched Pair) Accuton C220N/T6 (Matched Pair) 000319 $2,000.00  $1,000.00 View Item
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