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Jupiter Condenser Co. specialty vintage style capacitors are the most faithful to tone. Both the Red and Yellow capacitors feature the most authentic materials and techniques that have been forgotten by others. Red Astron style capacitors built to last with tone. The standard by which others are judged.
Jupiter Copper Foil 12uF 100VDC Jupiter Copper Foil 12uF 100VDC 448320 $590.00  $442.50 Add to Cart
Jupiter VT 1.0uF 100VDC Jupiter VT 1.0uF 100VDC 458276 $55.00  $41.25 Add to Cart
Jupiter VT 8.0uF 100VDC Jupiter VT 8.0uF 100VDC 458576 $116.00  $87.00 Add to Cart
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