The Cardas Patented Binding Post, designed as an OEM system, can replace most stock binding posts.

A single knob tightens both leads of the connected cable at the same time, without tools. The contact posts have no nuts or threads to over tighten and strip. Custom binding knobs are available.

The .25" diameter contact posts are available in two lengths: .25" short (S) and 1.5 long (L) to accommodate different mounting surface thicknesses.

The CPBP saves installation time without sacrificing sound quality. A single Allen bolt locks the glass filled nylon, binding post base to the chassis or cabinet. Raised bosses on the back of the base fit standard mounting holes and keep it from rotating. The posts are then inserted into the base. This is a very simple and time saving process. And, because of its elegant design, the Cardas Patented Binding Post affords sound quality equal to, or better than anything in the industry.

Length: .25"
Rhodium plated

Priced per assembly.

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