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The Seiden type 32NEG is designed for high-quality sound and high reliability. The contacts are gold plated with Ag base and excellent stability of contact resistance and feeling of switching are achieved.

This series is made comparatively small and the attenuator in combination with 1/4W resistors can easily replace the conventional carbon VR. The combination of selector switch and attenuator of this series is suitable for thin-case preamplifiers. Also, the number of contacts is adjustable and in combination with precision resistors, the 32NEG can be used for many applications such as level adjustment for channel dividers, input level adjustment for power amplifiers, etc.


Allowable Voltage: DC200V (under 0.1A)
Allowable Current: DC2A (under 10V)
Contact Resistance: 5 mOhms or less
Withstand Voltage: DC 500V 1min
Rotary Torque: 0.5-1.5Kg
Allowable Temp.: -20C to 70C
Dielectric Resistance: Greater than 1000MOhms
Durability: 50000+ cycles (no load)

See the spec sheet HERE.

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