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45SG, 56SG, 62SG and 74SG types are designed for high-quality sound and high reliability and use copper for the frame and Ag for the contacts and brush to minimize the use of magnetic metals. Excellent stability of contact resistance and feeling of switching are achieved. This series offers a superb and high-quality finished multi-contact type switches in both appearance and performance. The combination of selector switch and attenuator of the SG series is the best choice for high-end preamplifiers.


Allowable Voltage: DC200V (under 1A)
Allowable Current: DC5A (under 10V)
Contact Resistance: 5 mOhms or less
Withstand Voltage: DC 1000V 1min
Rotary Torque: 0.5-1.5Kg
Allowable Temp.: -20C to 70C
Dielectric Resistance: Greater than 1000MOhms
Durability: 50000+ cycles (no load)

See the spec sheet HERE.

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